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“My goal is to provide high quality information regarding Combat Sports injuries (Epidemiology) and Chiropractic to the boxing and wider combat sports communities”

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Lead Clinician Alex Alevras

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Meet Alex Alevras - Academic, Athlete and Clinician

I’m Alex the Combat Sports Chiropractor. As a clinician I am trained in all injuries of the spine and upper and lower limbs with specific interest in the neck of the athlete. Fortunately, I also share research and teaching roles at Macquarie University. With academic involvement in a variety of scientific articles that are available here, and as a Instructor for the final year students in the Sports Medicine class. Most importantly as an individual that practices what he preaches, I train in the sweet science under David Jenkins, Jake Freeman and Sean Mannering at Stand-up Boxing.

I aim to update the boxing community through my Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn tag ‘CombatSportsChiro’ accessible at the bottom of the page. Through these mediums I  aim to provides high quality information about boxing injuries, Chiropractic, and academia.

Our Chiropractic treatment options include:

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Exercise Prescription

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Soft tissue therapy

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Joint Manipulation

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