What is Sports Chiropractic?

At CombatSportsChiro, Chiropractic is an evidence based healthcare profession that provides expert non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries with a special focus on conditions of the spine. A chiropractor will take a though history and examination to first diagnose your condition and determine its aggravating and relieving factors.

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We're located in Toongabbie: CSC Headquarters, 48a Cornelia Road, Toongabbie, NSW, 2146.

We will then provide a variety of treatment options including but not limited to:

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Exercise Prescription

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Soft tissue therapy

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Joint Manipulation

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Custom Plans

What does a session involve?

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Establishment of Goals

Your first chiropractic visit focuses on the establishment of a goal of treatment. This requires an understanding of your body and if Chiropractic care can help. To achieve this your appointment will begin with a series of history-based questions followed by a physical examination

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Physical Examination & Treatment

Your chiropractor will perform a physical examination to investigate certain points raised in the history. This involves an examination of the entire body with a focus on the areas of greatest concern. This process typically calls for movement exams, inclusive of mobility, strength, and endurance-based assessments to help uncover the current capacities of both normal areas of interest muscles, joints etc in question. Most initial consultations result in an adjustment (spinal manipulation) and the beginnings of a home exercise plan (HEP).

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Monitor Progress

The subsequent sessions are used to monitor progressions and may involve tweaks or small changes to the prescribed treatment plan as needed. This process offine-tuning occurs until the goal has been reached or if further investigations and opinions are needed.


Toongabbie: CSC Headquarters, 48a Cornelia Road, Toongabbie, NSW, 2146.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic?

The word ‘Chiropractic’ stems from the Greek words; ‘Chiro’ and translates to ‘of the hands’, and ‘practic’ that translates to ‘to perform’. In healthcare this translates to the practice of hands (on) medicine. Historically the purpose of Chiropractic is to improve and/or stabalise spinal movements. Here at combatsportschiro whilst we do not deny the spines absolute importance to healthcare, neglecting the shoulders, hips, arms, and legs is silly. Using the evidence based approach a variety of treatment modalities are employed to change tone, strength and motion of an injured area.  At the combatsportschiro, we tailor treatment programs using the best available evidence whilst considering your values of care.

What is an adjustment?

Spinal manipulation or ‘adjustment’ is a specific and controlled force applied to a synovial joint (a connection found between two bones that move against/with each other) that often results in a ‘crack’ sound. Here in the combatsportschiro clinics, Alex performs a mixed diversified chiropractic and osteopathic adjustment style as taught to him in hisChiropractic studies at Macquarie university.  

What is the crack sound?

There has been research on the phenomenon that results in the cracking sound conducted in the small joints of the finger. The phenomenon is described as ‘tribonucleation’. A tribonucleation is created in the joint when the two ends of a synovial joint reach a maximal (but safe) point outside their normal range of movement. At this point, the viscous or dense fluid in the joint is ‘stretched’ to a degree that encourages the formation of nitrogen gas bubbles. It is the formation of these gas bubbles and not the collapse that results in this formation.

Do Chiropractors only adjust/manipulate?

No. Adjustments or Spinal Manipulation Techniques (SMT) are an excellent tool used by Chiropractors/Osteopaths and some physiotherapists to generate range motion and to reduce pain. Adjustments, along with specific exercises, life-style changes and advice through behaviour modifications are all used to best equip all patients with the knowledge to improve their pain levels. The best healthcare is based on education and revolves around teamwork.  

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